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Jesus Didn't Do That

If you have ever had a bad experience with religion, be assured, Jesus didn’t do that.

If you have ever visited a church service and felt like you were ignored by everyone there, be assured, Jesus didn’t do that.

If you have ever been made to feel like you could never overcome your past, be assured, Jesus didn’t do that.


When you realize that someone loves you enough that he died for you, be assured, Jesus did that.

When you realize that you’ve been invited to trade your sinful burdens for a refreshing rest, be assured, Jesus did that.

When you realize that there is a place of hope and security in this sin-stained and troubled world, be assured, Jesus did that.

Sometimes, religious people get things wrong. Sometimes, they mistreat others. Religious people are human and they do make mistakes. And sadly, on a few occasions, religious people say and do ungodly things when they fail to follow God’s will. After all, look at what religious people did to Jesus.

Realize that religious people are not the standard. The Jewish leaders of Jesus’ day did not represent God. They had twisted God’s plan into something so foreign to what he intended that they rejected God’s own Son. Likewise, today people can and do misrepresent God. Don’t judge Jesus or his church by the harmful actions of those who so grossly misrepresent him.

And when that happens – and it will happen – be assured that Jesus didn’t do that and it is not what he wants. Don’t let the actions of imperfect people cause you to reject the only one who can take care of your imperfections. Don’t let others’ failure to submit to the Lord’s will cause you to resist his will in your life. Don’t let someone else’s sin cause you to galvanize within your own sins to the point that you lose your soul.

Being mistreated by others is wrong and it should not happen. But is no excuse to walk away from Jesus. He was mistreated – far worse than any of us will ever face – and look at how faithful he is. If you have walked away from him, please turn around – you’ll find that he has not walked away from you.

Jesus would never do that.

Thomas Larkin

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